Choose from a range of essential oils, for example Swiss stone pine oil or refreshing lemon oil. The oils are gently massaged into the skin during this full body massage, having an invigorating effect on body, mind and soul.

  • 50 minutes € 85
  • 75 minutes € 105
  • 90 minutes € 115

Does your skin looks tired and pale? Then treat yourself to a face massage, relax and forget the stresses of everyday life.

20 minutes € 30

Traditional Hawaiian massage, relaxing for body and soul.

60 minutes € 89

90 minutes € 129

A foot massage is a wonderfully relaxing experience. After a refreshing and soothing hay foot bath, you can relax and enjoy a classic foot massage. Ideal after long hiking and skiing days.

25 minutes € 30

This treatment is a fascinating and unique combination of massage and the pleasant effect of hot stones. Body and mind are recharged with new strength and vitality. An unforgettable feeling of warmth, harmony and balance.

  • Back massage 30 minutes € 48
  • Full body massage 60 minutes € 88

Warm herbal pouches, filled with local fragrant herbs, unfold their effect through various massage movements, sliding strokes and rubbing along the meridian and energy channels. This treatment has a stimulating effect on the metabolism.

  • Back massage 30 minutes € 52
  • Full body massage 50 minutes € 89