Beauty & Massage Treatments

Relax and Unwind at the Gaspingerhof emotionSPA

Gentle touches, skilful massages and a harmonic combination of East and West. Our spa follows a special philosophy. Enjoy the moment and treat yourself to dozens of pampering choices in our emotionSPA. Our spa team provides the most luxurious treatments to fulfil your pampering needs, from invigorating massages, relaxing body treatments to rejuvenating facials, as well as oriental treatments such as Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Thalasso or Hawaiian Hot Stone. In addition, we offer special treatments for men and special children’s wellness packages for our small guests.

Classic Massages

  • Back Massage

    Back massage

    25 minutes € 35,-

  • Leg Massage

    Leg massage

    25 minutes € 35,-

  • Full Body Massage

    Full body massage

    50 minutes € 59,-

  • Head & Neck Massage

    Relaxing head & neck massage

    15 minutes € 22,-

  • Foot Reflexology

    Our feet carry us through life and are a reflection of our health. Foot reflexology activates the whole body and has a balancing and relaxing effect.

    25 minutes € 40,-

  • Herbal Foot Bath & Massage

    A foot massage is a wonderfully relaxing experience. After a refreshing and soothing herbal foot bath, you can relax and enjoy a classic foot massage. Ideal after long hiking and skiing days.

    25 minutes € 27,-

  • Harmony Face Massage

    Do you think your skin looks tired and pale? Then treat yourself to a face massage, relax and forget the stresses of everyday life.

    20 minutes € 28,-

  • Lymph Drainage

    Gentle pumping and stretching helps to move the lymph forward and drain the connective tissue. Has a cleansing and pain relieving effect, removes toxins and metabolic wastes and increases cellular oxygenation.

    25 minutes € 35,-
    50 minutes € 59,-

  • Spa Massage with Essential Oils

    Choose from a range of essential oils, for example Swiss stone pine oil or refreshing lemon oil. The oils are gently massaged into the skin during this full body massage, having an invigorating effect on body, mind and soul.

    50 minutes € 61,-

  • Massage Combinations

    Back massage + foot reflexology
    50 minutes € 68,-

    Harmony face massage + back massage
    45 minutes € 56,-

    Back massage + Shiatsu head massage
    50 minutes € 62,-

    Full body massage +foot reflexology
    75 minutes € 93,-

Special Massages

  • Dorn-Breuss Treatment

    After a gentle Breuss massage, pressure is applied to the extensions of the vertebral discs. Special movements balance the spinal column. Look forward to an intensive treatment for the entire back.

    50 minutes € 66,-

  • Breuss Massage

    A gentle back massage with special oils which get absorbed by the intervertebral disc and helps to work optimally as a buffer between the vertebrae.

    20 minutes € 29,-

  • Shiatsu Head Massage

    Energetic blockages have negative effects on our well-being and health and can result in headache, irritability, tension and fatigue. This gentle pressure massage on the energy points loosens blockages and enhances the energy flow. Also, this wonderful application has a balancing effect on respiration, the nervous system and musculature. The balance in body and mind is restored.

    25 minutes € 29,-

  • Hot Stone Massage

    This treatment is a fascinating and unique combination of massage and the pleasant effect of hot stones. Body and mind are recharged with new strength and vitality. An unforgettable feeling of warmth, harmony and balance.

    Full body massage 75 minutes € 85,-
    Back massage 30 minutes € 49,-

  • Herbal Pouch Massage

    Warm herbal pouches, filled with local fragrant herbs, unfold their effect through various massage movements, sliding strokes and rubbing along the meridian and energy channels. This treatment has a stimulating effect on the metabolism.

    Full body massage 50 minutes € 73,-
    Back massage 30 minutes € 49,-

  • Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

    A pleasure for all senses! Enjoy the combination of warm oils and gentle massage strokes during the Ayurvedic body massage. Experience a feeling full of harmony which lets you forget the stresses of everyday life.

    75 minutes € 89,-

Body Peeling Massages

  • Apricot Peeling Massage

    This slightly foaming peeling with apricot seeds, vegetable oils, shea butter and marigold extract prevents the skin from drying out. The full body peeling massage provides the skin with moisture and soothing nutrients.

    30 minutes € 39,-

  • Honey Peeling Massage

    The honey peeling with mountain crystal salt is applied to the whole body and gently rubbed in. This treatment activates the metabolism and has a detoxifying effect. The honey-sweet treatment will leave your skin feel supple and soft.

    30 minutes € 39,-

  • Orchid Peeling Massage

    Immerse yourself in fragrant orchids. The full body peeling with its wonderful scent gently removes excess skin cells and stimulates the blood circulation. This treatment has a naturally moisturizing effect and leaves your skin feeling silky and soft.

    30 minutes € 39,-


Floating Bed Spa Treatments

  • Hay Bath

    Immerse yourself in a bath of freshly mown hay from our own fields. The fragrance of the hay makes the treatment an unforgettable experience, in addition the fresh hay is beneficial for the musculoskeletal system and the joints. In combination with the soft pack bed, the heat and the weightlessness will put you in a deeply relaxed state.

    30 minutes € 43,-

  • Thalasso Algae Body Wrap

    Experience a boost of freshness from the sea in the middle of the Alps. With valuable vitamins and trace elements, your skin will be provided with lots of moisture. At the same time the treatment has a detoxifying effect, fat deposits are reduced and the skin is tightened.

    35 minutes € 44,-

  • Sumatra Rain Body Treatment

    Our Sumatra Rain body treatment is like a fresh, tropical summer rain – feel the pure brine on your skin. The salt treatment balances the natural pH value, helps with skin irritations, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and allergy-prone skin. In addition to its harmonizing effect, the “white gold” also has a detoxifying effect.

    30 minutes € 43,-

  • Orchid Body Pack

    A heavenly treatment which combines the fine fragrance of orchids with exquisite essential oils. At the same time, this wonderful application also has a nurturing and regenerating effect and will leave your skin feeling soft and velvety.

    30 minutes € 43,-


Combinations in the EmotionSPA Suite

  • Velvet & Silk

    The treatment starts with a foaming full body peeling massage with apricot fragrance which removes dead skin cells. Wrapped tightly into a full body cream pack in the soft pack bed, you enjoy the feeling of floating that lets you forget the stresses of everyday life. The treatment ends with a relaxing full body massage with essential oils.

    110 minutes € 121,-

  • Orchid Dreams

    Enjoy the fragrance of orchids with a full body peeling massage for a velvety and soft skin feeling. The ensuing orchid body pack provides your skin with moisture and has a soothing effect. The treatment ends with a Harmony Face Massage with a suitable massage cream which will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

    80 minutes € 95,-

  • Summit Wind

    Feel fresh and full of new energy like the summit wind. Experience a refreshing feeling with the power of our local nature with a honey peeling full body massage and the ensuing body mask.

    60 minutes € 71,-


Face Treatments

  • Silk Treatment Deluxe

    Our luxury facial includes cleansing, peeling, skin clearing and eyebrows shaping. A high-quality active ingredient ampoule provides your skin with vitality and tension. The secret highlight of this anti-aging treatment is a facial massage with silk pads. The result is a fine, evenly radiant skin.

    90 minutes € 98,-

  • Vitamin C Plus Treatment

    This anti-aging treatment pampers you with a cleansing, a peeling and skin clearing. Your eyebrows are shaped and your skin is treated with an active ingredient ampoule. The treatment finishes with a peel-off mask and a soothing massage. The power cocktail for your face strengthens the skin and smoothes fine lines and first wrinkles.

    75 minutes € 83,-

  • Quick Fix Facial

    The express facial provides your skin with the necessary care and active ingredients for a pleasantly soft and smooth feeling. Your skin is cleaned and treated with an active ingredient ampoule. The treatment ends with a relaxing face and neck massage.

    35 minutes € 42,-

  • Q 10 Oxygen Treatment

    Our rejuvenating facial. An anti-aging treatment which is perfect for skin lacking oxygen or moisture. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling, skin clearing, eyebrows shaping, an active ampoule, a mask and a massage.

    75 minutes € 83,-

  • Clear Skin Treatment

    Perfect facial for oily skin with enlarged pores and impurities. The treatment finishes with a day cream and will leave your skin clear and even.

    60 minutes € 72,-

  • Sensivite Treatment

    Our classic facial. A special treatment for sensitive, irritated or nervous skin which tends to redness. This facial includes cleansing, peeling, skin clearing and eyebrows shaping, followed by a soothing, active ingredient pack, as well as a relaxing cream pack and ends with a pleasant face massage.

    60 minutes € 72,-

  • Fresh & Fruit Time Out

    This fruit cocktail promises a special exotic feeling and is suitable for all skin types. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling and an active ingredient ampoule. The highlight of this treatment is a moisturizing mask in combination with a facial brush massage. The treatment ends with a soothing face massage with the tropical fragrances of pineapple, papaya and mango.

    45 minutes € 59,-

  • Eye Contour Treatment

    This special eye treatment smoothes wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. This treatment cleanses the skin and the face sheet mask has a cooling and balancing effect. The delicate skin is pleasantly moisturized and gives a radiant appearance.

    25 minutes € 27,-

  • Byonik Treatments

    BYONIK – the results after repeated treatments: Increase of the skin volume and lip volume, even complexion and vital appearance, tighter skin and noticeable improvement of the moisture content of the skin as well as visible reduction of wrinkles.

    Face treatment
    60 minutes € 139,-

    Décolleté treatment
    30 minutes € 99,-

    Neck treatment
    25 minutes € 89,-

    BYONIK – Composition of the in-depth anti-aging treatment: Face, neck or décolleté treatment with high-quality hyaluron gel, gentle laser light as well as exclusive Byonik care products.


Beauty Extras for Ladies

  • Beautiful Eyes

    Eyelashes colouring
    € 16,-

    Eyelashes & eyebrows colouring
    € 21,-

    Eyebrows colouring & shaping
    € 16,-

    Eyebrows shaping
    € 10,-

    Eyebrows colouring
    € 10,-

  • Well-cared Hands & Feet

    ZenSpa pedicure 
    ZenSpa is a refreshing treatment for your feet, including foot bath, foot peeling, pedicure, foot masque and massage.
    60 minutes € 53,-

    ZenSpa pedicure with nail polish 
    Foot bath, foot peeling, pedicure, foot masque and massage, nail polish and our highlight polish to take home with you.
    75 minutes € 63,-

    emotionSPA manicure 
    Treatment including hand masque, massage, hand bath and manicure.
    60 minutes € 44,-

    emotionSPA manicure with nail polish
    Hand masque, massage, hand bath, manicure, nail polish and our highlight polish to take home with you.
    75 minutes € 54,-

    Single treatments
    Nail polish for finger or toe nails and our highlight polish to take home with you.
    Foot or hand masque
    Per 15 minutes € 18,- 

  • Depilation with Warm Wax

    Eyebrows shaping
    € 12,-

    Lower legs
    € 28,-

    Lower & upper legs
    € 45,-

    Bikini line or armpits
    € 19,-

    € 18,-

    Upper lip, lower lip or chin
    € 12,-


Pampering Packages


Specials for Men

  • Men Treatment Intensive

    This intensive treatment includes cleansing, peeling, skin clearing and eyebrows shaping. An active substance ampoule soothes and nourishes the skin. The sheet mask provides moisture and brings the skin into a healthy balance. The treatment ends with a face and neck massage.

    90 minutes € 86,-

  • Men Treatment Relax

    This classic men facial cleans, nourishes and soothes the skin with a nutrient ampoule. The eyebrows are shaped, and a cooling gel mask provides moisture. The treatment ends with a face and neck massage that will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed.

    60 minutes € 72,-

  • Men Treatment Express

    Experience amazing effects in the shortest possible time! Cleansing, exfoliation, skin clearing and eyebrows shaping. The active ingredient ampoule has a relaxing effect, the gel mask provides moisture. The treatment ends with a finishing care.

    45 minutes € 59,-

  • Well-cared Hands & Feet

    Men’s spa manicure
    Hand masque, hand massage, hand bath, manicure
    45 minutes € 45,-

    Men’s spa pedicure
    Foot bath, foot peeling, pedicure, foot masque, foot massage
    60 minutes € 53,-

  • Depilation with Warm Wax

    Eyebrows shaping
    € 12,- 

    Back, strong hair-growth
    € 29,-

    Back, moderate hair-growth
    € 19,-

    Chest, strong hair-growth
    € 29,-

    Chest, moderate hair-growth
    € 19,-

    € 19,-

    € 19,-


Kids & Mothers

  • Mamma Mia

    Pampering pregnancy spa package

    • Relaxing head & neck massage
    • Harmony face massage
    • Eye contour treatment
    • emotionSPA pedicure with nail polish

    135 pampering minutes € 133,-

  • Relaxing Back Massage

    A gentle massage for our young guests. The massage is soothing and helps to develop deeper interpersonal relationships.

    20 minutes € 25,-

  • Kiddy Face Massage

    Soothing face & head massage.

    15 minutes € 20,-

  • Hand and Foot Massage with Foot Bath

    After a relaxing foot bath enjoy a gentle hand and foot massage.

    25 minutes € 28,-

  • Well-cared Hands & Feet for Kids

    Manicure „Struwwelpeter“
    Nail filing and polishing, hand massage, nail polish on request.
    30 minutes € 25,-

    Pedicure „Cinderella“ 
    Foot bath, nail filing and polishing, foot massage, nail polish on request.
    30 minutes € 28,-

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