Our feet carry us through life and are a reflection of our health. Foot reflexology activates the whole body and has a balancing and relaxing effect.

  • 30 minutes € 44
  • 50 minutes € 79

Gentle pumping and stretching helps to move the lymph forward and drain the connective tissue. The treatment has a cleansing and pain relieving effect, removes toxins and metabolic wastes and increases cellular oxygenation.

  • 25 minutes € 38
  • 50 minutes € 75

Energetic blockages have negative effects on our well-being and health and can result in headache, irritability, tension and fatigue. This gentle pressure massage on the energy points loosens blockages and enhances the energy flow. Also, this wonderful application has a balancing effect on respiration, the nervous system and musculature. The balance in body and mind is restored.

25 minutes € 38