Gaspinger’s Pillows à la carte

Choose from our various pillows and enjoy the best sleeping comfort.

  • Lending fee per pillow for your stay: € 15
  • Please reserve your pillow until 13.00 at the reception so that we can place it in your room for the evening.
NATURAL PINE PILLOW – the regenerator Pillowcase is made from fine sateen cotton with Aloe Vera finishing treatment and a zip closure. Filled with merino wool and genuine Tirolean arolla pine flakes. Reduces meteorosensitivity and increases the regenerating qualities of sleep. FIBRE PILLOW ALLERGIC – the healthy one Fibre pillow with VitaSan filling, in a pillowcase made from pure cotton fine satin with Aloe Vera finish and zipper. Suitable for sensitive sleepers and allergies. NECK SUPPORT PILLOW – DYNAMICA The pillow has a pre-formed pillow centre made from viscoelastic foam which relaxes the neck muscles while you sleep. The pillowcase is made from cotton with an Aloe Vera finishing treatment. Ideal for back or side sleepers. DOWN and FEATHERS PILLOW TRIO – the divine The pillow’s centre is made up of feathers for support and then surrounded by soft down for superior resting comfort. The pillowcase is made from fine Maco cotton and is bordered with a decorative edging. This pillow offers incomparable sleeping comfort for every type of sleeper and is suitable for sleepers who require more support. SOFTBAUSCH COMPACT FOAM PILLOW – the firm Firm, suitable for allergy sufferers, polyurethane foam and mixed fabric cover with zip closure.